At Alignments Northwest we strive to make sure that everything with the suspension of the truck is safe and road ready. We conduct a full shake down before every alignment is started checking all the suspension parts for wear and tear. We check to see if anything should be replaced before more damage can be caused. After an accident Alignments Northwest will check for bent axle housing, and any other damaged suspension components.

King Pin replacement boring and sleeving

Routine wear of the steering axle eye can cause loose kingpins along with many other things. An alignments northwest technician will remove pins & clean housing in preparation for the refurbishment process. A custom machine will sleeve the axle eye & new pins can be put in saving hundreds of dollars on a new axle.

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Commercial alignments

A commercial wheel alignment put simply is about adjusting the angle of your wheels back to your vehicle manufacturer’s original specifications. All of this requires special equipment, tools and expertise. Having over 10yr experience and the newest technology out there, Alignments Northwest is the team for you!

Suspension repairs

Suspension systems support both holding/handling, also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage & wear. Also plays an important role in your vehicle’s ability to accelerate, travel and stop with safety. Repairs are done to help with vehicle stability and to safely drive on the roads.

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